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Noni Fruit Leather 2 oz

Noni Fruit Leather 2 oz

5/5 (19 reviews)

Price: $29.00 for 2 oz. Packet

100% Organic Pure Noni

Our original organic Noni Fruit Leather has been crafted for internal and external use of all types.

  • 100% Organic Dried Noni Fruit.
  • Boosts the Immune System.
  • Can Alleviate Inflammation.

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Noni fruit is the product of a tropical plant known as the Morinda Citrifolia, which is in the coffee family.  Native to Southeast Asia, this plant was popular among Polynesian cultures for thousands of years because not only did it provide a rich source of nutrients, but it also served multiple medicinal purposes. 

The recent application of modern science has revealed even more uses for the noni fruit, which is healthy for your body inside and out.  Our Noni Fruit Leather will surprise you with all that it has to offer.

Noni Fruit Leather Can:

  • Help combat common infections
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Decrease the body's inflammatory response in arthritis

Noni fruit is believed to be so effective because of its antioxidant abilities.  In fact, Noni fruit is one of the world's richest sources of the potent phytochemical known as damnacanthal.  This compound is widely known for its ability to kill parasites, such as those responsible for malaria.

What's more, the antioxidants in Noni fruit help revitalize the body and eliminate free radicals.

Other functions of the Noni fruit include boosting the immune system, relieving pain and inflammation, as well as restoring bodily organs to their normal state.  This means it can help with everything from digestive problems and hormonal imbalances to cardiovascular trouble and nervous conditions.

Can Noni Fruit Help You?

Noni helps to help maintain and support healthy:

  • Cardiovascular Systems
  • Immune Systems
  • Cholesteral Levels
  • Blood Sugar Levels
  • Blood Pressure Levels
  • Joint Functions and Good Joint Health
  • Skin Tone and Texture

Traditional Uses of Noni:

  • Abrasions
  • Aches
  • Blood Circulation
  • Boils and Absceses
  • Bowel Disorders
  • Bruises
  • Burns
  • Immunity Weakness
  • Rashes
  • Sore Muscles
  • Sore Throat 
  • Swelling
  • Toothaches

... And Much More!

100% Organic Dried Noni Fruit

Eating Noni Fruit Leather

Noni Fruit Leather can be consumed in many different ways.  The simplest way is to tear off a piece no bigger than four square inches (2 inches by 2 inches) and eating it as is.  This is all you need to meet our daily recommendation, though you might want to have your favorite juice nearby.

If you have a particularly severe condition that you are trying to treat with noni fruit, you might want to eat between two and four portions of the Noni Fruit Leather to speed your recovery time.

Other Ways to Consume Noni Fruit Leather:

  1. Roll up piece of Noni Fruit Leather and swallow whole
  2. Mix with warm tea and stir with a spoon before drinking
  3. Add it to your favorite home-made smoothie flavor

Using Noni Fruit Leather as First Aid

Noni Fruit Leather can be mixed into a medicinal paste and applied to the skin simply by mixing it in a bowl with a small amount of water.  Typically, a 4 inch by 4 inch piece of fruit leather mixed with 1/4 cup of water works well when soaked for 30 minutes.  Use more water if you'd like a less concentrated form of the noni fruit, such as a cream or a lotion.

If vinegar is used to replace the water, this same mixture can become a natural antiseptic and antibiotic.

To remove any external applications of Noni Fruit Leather compounds, simply rinse with warm water.

5/ 5 stars



Gentlemen, I love your product. I have been using Noni for 6 months now, but like the Noni Leather the best. A friend advised Noni juice from Tahiti about 6 months ago. I had been using Noni-Juice Plus and Noni Pacific, both from Tahiti, but I found Noni leather to be significantly better. I use the lotion too on sore muscles. My entire life I have had stomach problems and have taken many prescription medicines, but none have worked as well as Noni. Noni gives me immediate and lasting relief. I bought the Noni-Pacific at Whole Foods and orders the Noni-Juice Plus from the internet. Both products, although aided my ulcer/acidic stomach, they also both constipated me. While visiting Hawaii, I purchased the Noni leather and found it also aided my bad stomach immediately, and didn't have any negative side effects, as the other two had. Also, Noni juice is difficult to travel with, as it must be refrigerated. Noni leather can be taken anywhere and stored easily. I have found this to be the best Noni product that I have used and will continue to use Noni leather and lotion. Thank you for making such a great product

5/ 5 stars



I visited your island at the end of October and bought some Noni. I had ulcers and H-py-lori and the doctors treated me four times and couldn't get rid of it. I took Noni fruit leather for six weeks and retested. I am bacteria free. Thank You for such a wonderful product! Thirty years I have fought ulcers.

5/ 5 stars



I have been very pleased with the noni fruit leather. It has been quite effective in lowering my blood pressure over the last three months. This has been in contrast to no reaction from other formulations of Noni which I have tried. Clearly your product is different and superior in quality.

5/ 5 stars



Aloha from Canada! I visited the awe-inspiring Oahu on a family trip in July of this year and we visited a Macadamia nut farm and it was there that I found your product.....thank the heavens. I purchased the noni leather as well as the lavender noni lotion to 'test' the product out as I am a firm believer in healing body ailments with products of the earth. I have been suffering from acne since the age of 12 and nothing has ever helped. I've been on prescription pills, used brutal skin cremes that only tortured my skin even further and it wasn't until I started using the lotion and ingesting the leather that I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. Bottom line: my skin has never in the past 12 years of my life looked as amazing as it does now. I am a forever customer and believer in this product and just want to thank you for producing it. Much love from the north

5/ 5 stars



I wanted to tell you about a friend of ours that just started Noni Fruit Leather.  First she didn't want to chew it all - she was scared of the taste.  But she told me this week that she holds it in her mouth for almost 30 minutes, letting it melt there.  I was really shocked at this statement.  Then she said she has had Hay Fever for years and her throat is always giving her trouble, but since she started this routine of letting the Noini melt in her mouth, her throat doesn't pain her anymore.  She thinks Noni is marvelous!!  Then she went on to say that when she had Nni in her mouth, her cat came over to her and sniffed her and meowed like she wanted some, too.  My friend couldn't believe she would eat it because her cat hates fruit, just runs away from it.  Well, now the cat is also eating the Noni Fruit Leather.

Roberta - Japan

5/ 5 stars


I LOVE the fruit leather! I take it everyday and now with cold & flu season in full swing, I'm happy to say I have not gotten sick compared to everyone else in the office. Also, the fruit leather is wonderful for pms cramps! I've taken an extra piece each day I experience cramps and I am completely off Mydol! Thank you!!!!!

Arthritis relief!
5/ 5 stars


Recently I have been encountering more intense pain from my arthritis. I began to eat the fruit leather and within the next day I felt difference from the meds my doctor had me on. Such an amazing natural option. In my eyes the only way!

Thanks for making the most powerful Noni on the planet!!!!
5/ 5 stars


Hi Steve: 
Capt Jo reporting here. And yet another Noni miracle..... I had the worst-in-my-life-episode-of gastric reflux. The pain in my chest was so intense I paced frantically unable to swallow with huge amounts of mucous coming up from my throat (anyone who has a GERD issue, knows exactly what I am talking about!!) Well , I sucked a small piece of Noni leather and within 2 minutes my esophagus opened up and the bolus of food that was stuck in my throat was released. Generally I can be suffering for over an hour before the food moves. 
Thanks for making the most powerful Noni on the planet!!!!
Capt Jo  

It works!
5/ 5 stars


My spouse and I chew a little noni leather everyday We haven't caught any of the colds and flus going around yet this year. We also tried the lotion on sore joints and muscles with excellent results. I love this stuff!

5/ 5 stars


A friend shared your lotion product with me for my shoulder pain and it worked immediately and lasted longer than any other product that I tried. My husband was skeptically however after just a couple of uses he was an fan. I went on your website and learned about the Noni Fruit Leather so I purposed it. My husband & I take it daily. We felt great, no aches or pains. My husband missed two days of the Noni Fruit Supplement and guess what? His pains came back. We are both huge fans of all of the Noni products and will never stop using any of them. This Noni Fruit is truly a miracle cure for joint pain, aches, swelling, inflammation and everything else. You name the ailment, I immediately turn to Noni products and it has always cured whatever it I that is bothering either of us. We are so happy that we discovered Noni.

3 Dogs & My Treat
5/ 5 stars


I was on Kauai in early July and bought the 2oz. Fruit leather. I have since purchased more. I have the recommended piece every day and so do my 3 Samoyeds. The dogs absolutely love it. I have noticed that my blood pressure is 120/70 and remains constant since using the leather daily. The dogs don't have any health problems and the leather will keep them healthy. Their ages are 1 yr., 7 yrs., 11yrs.

Great compliment to the lotions
5/ 5 stars


We found these products last month in Kauai and are extremely pleased. I use the leather in conjuction with the Icy Heat and Lavender products. I suffer from arthritis and postural hypertension. It has only been a few weeks and the lotions are working well (see my other reviews) and the leather seems to help in the hypertension, I no longer get that woozey feeling if I stand quickly. In regards to the arthritis I believe it is a great combination with the lotions. The leather is not great tasting but I tear off a 1x4 strip each morning and tear off small 1/2 sections which is quite palitable and let them partially disolve in my mouth to soften before swallowing. I do feel an energy boost and plan on increasing the dosage to twice during the day and accelerate my next order.

Great Relief
5/ 5 stars


My husband suffers terrible ostio-arthritis in his knees. He bought some while holidaying in Oahu and took back to Australia. It is giving him much needed relief and being able to order online for delivery to Australia is a godsend. He also bought the lotion which helps as well and is pleasant smelling. So glad we found your stall at the Macadamia Farm whilst on a day trip.

My husband now has bounce.
0/ 5 stars


My husband has been taking the Noni fruit leather for about 2 months now. He is now bouncing off the walls with energy and no joint pain. It use to take him about 5 to 10 steps to get going. Now he just jumps up like a 20 year old. We love it. Thank you so much for new found youth. We will never stop taking it.

Noni fruit leather
5/ 5 stars


My husband recently lost weight and needed to be re evaluated for his life insurance. He is 58 years old, and met his weight loss goal. The exciting thing is that in every area of his blood work, HGL, LGL, Sugar levels, etc.... , all are dramatically improved. The insurance agent called him to see what else he had been doing, because the weight loss alone wouldn't have improved these things that dramatically. He told us he had worked with 2 of the Biggest Loser winners, and they had not seen such a great improvement. The only difference is we added Noni fruit leather to our diet. His blood work is like a 20 year old, we certainly plan on keeping up with the Noni, I am convinced, that is the difference!

awesome results
5/ 5 stars


Have been using noni lotion for a year now. Whenever I have aches and pain, it is my go to for relief. My 79 year old mom hooked too. Just bought noni leather, and I already feel better: no shoulder pain (I could hardly lift my arm) burning throat from acid reflux is gone, and it has helped with bowel movements. I am a believer!

Wow! I was amazed at the quick results!
5/ 5 stars


I have a lot of joint pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. After just four days of eating the fruit leather and putting the Icy Heat lotion on my legs and feet, I found that my joint pain was all but gone. I typically have difficulty standing up and walking right after sitting for an hour. I drove for two hours and got out like it was nothing! Then I sat in a meeting for almost two hours and also had no problems right after. My energy level is up and pain is down. I cannot wait to see my Dr and have him see my inflammation is down. I am so glad we found the Noni table at the Luau we went to while in Kauai!! Thank you!

God's Gift for our Health
5/ 5 stars


January 24, 2015 Hello, Noni Farmer My Husband and I, were introduce to your miraculous products while on Kauai and Big Island of Hawaii last month. A taxi driver told us about the fruit. We took a tour of the "Allerton Garden from the Tropical Botanical and the fruit offered for touch, smell and taste if wanted by our tour guide. My husband started to experience knee pain during our vacation. I told him, let's try the Noni ! I searched and searched for the fruit. no luck in grocery stores. finally found a health store that sold "Fresh squeezed Noni juice. WoW! the stench was irregular!!! But was not about to give up! I was told about the Fruit Leather. Of course, I bought a pack, but wanted to store for our trip home. Since we have been home, and taking 'one inch piece' each and every day. The results have been amazing. Not only for his knee, but his skin. His skin has a lot of Sun damage, (real bad BLACK sun damage Spots). Now the Sun spots are turning WHITE and disappearing. Thank you, Thank you for God's Gift to this earth and making a pure product Mr. Chon and Mrs. Diana Baca Albuquerque, NM

Pain & swelling is gone!
5/ 5 stars


Recent trip to Kauai, learned about Noni at the Botanical tour. I have had multiple knee surgeries, back surgery and experience lots of joint pain and swelling. I came back to Michigan, started with the fruit leather & Icey heat lotion & experienced a fuller range of motion with my joints. The true test, I had a slip and fall on the ice, jammed my should hard into the cement sidewalk. First thing I did was put the extra icey heat sports lotion all over the effected area, and took Noni fruit leather. Only 4 days later I am almost at full range of motion and No Swelling. With out it, I am sure I would have been in lots of pain for weeks or longer and had to be in physical therapy, which is very painful and expensive as well. Our family will be users of Noni for life! Thank you Hawaiian Organic Noni!