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Noni Health Terms

Noni-Health Supplement

dreamstime-xs-15394074Ancient Polynesians didn’t know the science behind the noni fruit; they just knew that noni as a health supplement worked. The morinda citrifolia has much to contribute, including – 

  • Antioxidants help the immune system
  • Compounds help skin conditions heal faster
  • Antioxidants decrease the effects of aging
  • Enzymes relieve muscle pains and joint stiffness

Noni health supplement (noni fruit leather) contains damnacanthal, a T-cell stimulating compound. Emerging research is beginning to study if there is a link between damnacanthal and the reformation of cancer cells into healthy ones. What we do know is this: raw noni is a antioxidant rich superfood, promoting healthy cells and helping to prevent a variety of illnesses.