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Eat Your Way to Better Health With Noni

By: Steve Frailey Friday October 24, 2014 comments Tags: noni ORAC value, naturally lower blood sugar, noni and blood pressure, noni for blood pressure

Have you ever looked for the ORAC value of the foods you eat?  If you haven’t, you might want to start!  ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity or, in simpler terms, the antioxidant activity of foods.  High ORAC foods have many health benefits and it is recommended that people consume 3,000 to 5,000 units of ORAC a day for this very reason.  Now how do you do this?  You can start by finding foods and/or supplements that have a high ORAC rating and start to incorporate these in to your diet.  One of the foods that you may want to start consuming is Noni Fruit Leather.  Here’s why…

Noni Fruit is one of the foods with the highest ORAC rating. Noni Fruit was originally sold on the markets as a juice and was subsequently diluted, reducing the benefits of consumption.  In order to increase its nutritional benefits, it is now being made into Noni Fruit Leather using a unique low-heat dehydration process.  Independent Laboratory testing has shown Noni Fruit Leather to be 14 times more potent than Noni juice and richer in antioxidants than many of the fruits that are commonly believed to be beneficial in that regard. 

Benefits of eating foods that have a high ORAC rating include preventing the loss of long-term memory and learning ability, protecting blood vessels against oxygen damage, and raising the antioxidant power of human blood. 

Antioxidants can also “neutralize free radicals produced by poor diet, environmental exposures, stress and toxic personal habits.”  Daily antioxidant therapy can help prevent against “cancer, heart disease, vision deterioration and skin aging.” 

These are a handful of some of the main health concerns of the average American adult and consuming Noni Fruit Leather can help check these worries off of your list!

Steve Frailey

About the Author: Steve Frailey

My wife and I (Steve Frailey) moved to Kauai, Hawaii in 1982 from our organic farm in California. There were no roads, electricity, water or buildings but lots of Noni trees (Morinda Citrifolia) in our valley. We also developed a deep relationship with Noni that was growing all through our valley.  Today we run our Hawaiian Organic Noni farm, and share the gift of health with people throughout the world.