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Heal Cuts Faster: The Real Organic Noni BioBandage

By: Eric Erickson Monday December 16, 2013 comments Tags: noni for inflammation, noni for skin, natural skin care

Most people have experienced that cut, burn, or scrape that refuses to heal. What you may not be aware of is why. We learn at an early age that wounds need to be covered to prevent infection, but too much protection can prevent the wound from healing in a timely manner. This seems like a contradiction: cover it, but don’t cover it. The truth is that wound healing involves several complex phases and is closely related to healthy cell production. 

There has been much advancement in the area of wound bandaging in recent years. Traditional bandages and wound dressings fail to address the body’s natural healing process. Scientists have turned to nature to develop more efficient ways of treating wounds and consumers have become very interested in finding safe, healthy, and effective first-aid treatments. Enter the Instant Noni BioBandage, an organic skin care derived from Noni Fruit Leather. This dehydrated wonder has displayed terrific results when it comes to healing wounds faster.

What Wounds Tell Our Bodies

The body undergoes several phases in wound healing. What we feel as a natural pain sensation is cell inflammation, followed by cell proliferation and the remodeling process. When you bleed, your cells begin attempts to clot, producing blood and tissue to make sure blood loss is minimal. During these early steps of healing, radical oxidation can prevent cells from reproducing properly. This can result in being stuck in a loop, as the body continues to try to rebuild damaged skin and tissue to no avail. During this process, inflammation may persist, cuts may continue to bleed, and affected areas continue to feel very sensitive.

Oxidative stress creates increased inflammation and inhibits wound healing. Studies have shown that treating wounds with antioxidant-rich treatments can be an effective means of speeding up the process of healing by helping the cells proliferation and remodeling. Healthy skin and subcutaneous tissue is the key to proper healing. The question is, how can you treat affected areas quickly to see the best results?

Recent Advances in Biological Bandages

The main component of traditional bandages is adhesion. The bandages you keep in your first-aid kit generally consist of a small piece of gauze for fluid absorption and sterilization. This material is not meant to stick to the skin, so it is attached to an elastic material coated with adhesive that acts as tape. These types of bandages can help protect wounds, but they are fairly ineffective in promoting the healing process. In recent years, scientists have developed a wide variety of new methods for both protecting the skin from infection, and facilitating healing with natural and/or chemical elements.

Today, researchers are continuing to develop new and exciting ways for biological bandages to be used in surgeries, emergency triage, or for the simple day to day bumps and bruises we all experience. The key is finding natural polymers that can both adhere safely to the skin, and treat your body inside and out. One important method of treating routine cuts and burns is with natural elements that are rich in antioxidants, suppressing the oxidative stress that can turn everyday cuts into chronic problems.

The Organic Noni Solution

Many users of Noni Fruit Leather have found that direct application to cuts and wounds on themselves, and their pets, can help their skin heal faster. The amazing results come from a slow, low-heat dehydration process that preserves the highest possible concentration of raw noni’s beneficial enzymes, including antioxidant properties that far exceed many antioxidant-rich whole foods. Responding to the demand of its users, Hawaiian Organic Noni developed Instant Noni Aloe BioBandage. 

Hawaiian Organic Noni’s innovative methods have produced amazing results. Working on your skin and beneath the surface, this organic non skin care can repair damaged skin quickly and restore healthy cells internally and externally. But healing cuts is only part of what the Instant Noni Aloe BioBandage can do. Even NCAA athletic teams have begun using real noni products to treat muscle sprains, sore joints, and deep bruises that can limit playing time and cost victories. Even bone fractures can heal faster with the power of noni. 

Using only real organic noni, organic aloe juice, and organic oil of rosemary, Instant Noni Aloe BioBandage can be applied directly to the affected area. It adheres to the skin with resistance to moisture and external contamination. You can use sports tape or wrap to help secure the bandage, and let the healing begin. The instant BioBandage can help wounds heal faster and is safe to use for you and your pets. 

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