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Hawaiian Organic Noni gives back to the planet through our sustainable, organic farming practices.  “Sustaining” the viability of Noni as a crop has troubled growers in the past. The fruit has a notoriously rapid fermentation process, turning the raw fruit into a bitter tasting, pungent smelling waste. In order to bring Noni to consumers, many growers must mask the taste with other fruit juices. The real power of Noni, however, is in its raw state, where it has the antioxidant capacity several times greater than other antioxidant-rich natural foods. 

Two of the biggest benefits associated with Noni include its blood sugar and cholesterol reducing properties. This is why it’s one of the most recommended ingredients to help people who are going through heart problems or diabetes. Some ingredients that are said to reduce cholesterol have a way of only lowering bad cholesterol. Noni fruit also works to increase high density lipoprotein, which is a good form of cholesterol.  This is a great buy for people wanting to help facilitate healthy living and help reduce the effects of having diabetes and cholesterol problems.

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