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How Noni Takes the Pain Out of an Active Lifestyle

By: Lola Frailey Thursday September 24, 2015 comments Tags: Pain Relief, muscle pain remedies, natural sports medic

When you lead an active life, nothing is more frustrating than pain. It slows you down, forces you to be more cautious, and makes you doubt that you’ll ever fully recover. Facing chronic pain, many people give up, but you can overcome pain organically and chemically free! You don’t even need those damaging NSAIDs and other painkillers. The secret is noni.


What Research Says About Noni and Pain

In Phytotherapy Research (24[1]:38-42), researchers from the University Clinic in Hamburg, Germany, reported that noni fruit’s analgesic activity “reduced the pain sensitivity comparably to the central analgesic drug tramadol.” When extracts of noni fruit puree were applied, the “effect was comparable to hydrocortisone.”

Acta Pharmacologica Sinica (23[12]:1127-1141) published another study which found that noni extract is a dosage-related anti-inflammatory and central analgesic. In fact, they found that it was 75 percent as strong as morphine, had no toxic level, and caused no side-effects.

In addition to this body of evidence, working with athletics coaches in Hawaii has shown us the power of noni to support a pain-free, highly-active lifestyle. Not to mention our own anecdotal evidence in our own lives and from the testimonials of our customers!

Here’s how noni can be used to eliminate the aches, pains, and cramps that go with athletics, totally free of side-effects or harmful chemicals!

Apply to Injuries to Heal Them

If you’re already injured, that’s where you should start with one of our noni lotions. You can use our Noni Lavender Lotion, or one of our IcyHeat formulas if you like the menthol/camphor sensation.


Our friend Ed Davila, M.D., is a highly-regarded, board-certified medical internist in the state of Washington. He found noni through a patient of his, Frank Anderson, who had used noni lotion to relieve chronic hand pain that forced him to almost completely retire from music.

Dr. Davila took Frank’s recommendation. Playing basketball, he had injured both his Achilles tendons, leaving him barely able to walk, and certainly unable to play. He tried the noni lotion on his injuries, and within three days was pain-free and playing basketball again.

You can get these kinds of results too! Over the course of a few weeks, even the most stubborn of injuries will start to loosen up. You’re likely to experience pain relief first, then loosening and release as inflammation recedes from the area. Make sure to give the injury plenty of time to heal before exercising hard.

For chronic issues, we recommend applying noni lotion to the area 3 or 4 times each day.

Apply Before Workouts to Prevent Cramping

If you’re plagued by muscle cramps, spasms, or pain during workouts, you might want to try applying your noni lotion before you start exercising.

Some years ago, we got a phone call from a semi-pro soccer team in Seattle. They were calling to ask if there were steroids in our noni products, because they couldn’t believe the results they were getting. When they applied the noni lotion before a game, no one got fatigued, cramps, or muscular pain.

I explained to them that there are no steroids—just the incredible beneficial compounds in noni!—and then I called my friend Melody Toth, who was a University of Hawaii sports trainer.She started having half team apply the lotion before practice, and she saw a significant difference. She found that if athletes applied noni lotion 5 minutes before a game and reapplied at half time, they could go the whole game without getting fatigued or cramped.

We also have a friend who runs marathons. For the first marathon he ran with noni, he applied it as he got cramps so that he could continue running. His second marathon, he applied it beforehand and it prevented cramping altogether!

Apply noni lotion 5 minutes before intense workouts to increase your stamina and protect your muscles.

Apply Post Workout to Repair Tissue

After your workout, it’s a good idea to apply some more noni to areas that are prone to pain and injury. This will help you repair and build muscle, while avoiding the pain and stiffness that can come after a hard workout.

You can apply the lotion immediately after exercise. If you like to get post-workout massages, noni lotion can be incorporated to further chase away pain and inflammation.

It’s also a good idea to apply noni lotion before bed. The lotion will sink in overnight so you can rise free from pain.

You can apply noni lotion as often as you like. You might want to try it before and after a workout, and then once more before bed.

Eat Noni Fruit Leather as a Daily Preventative

Our noni lotions work great to relieve pain. They help restore your tissues and reduce inflammation as well, but to see the most dramatic results, try our Noni Fruit Leather. It works from the inside out to tackle your pain at its source.

For athletes and those who suffer from chronic pain and injury, Noni Fruit Leather is an important part of preventative healthcare. It works to restore and maintain good health. This gives your muscles, bones, and connective tissues some resilience as you age.

As a preventative, we recommend one 2x2 inch square of Noni Fruit Leather each day. For chronic issues, take two to four 2x2 inch pieces, spaced throughout the day.

You can enjoy an active lifestyle without the worry of pain hanging over your head. It’s all in the pulp of the powerful noni fruit, which can work from the outside in and the inside out to protect and heal your active muscles.

What’s your routine for using noni to fight pain? Let us know in the comments!

Lola Frailey

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