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About Noni Juice

About Noni Juice - Here are some facts about noni juice.

Noni juice is made up of noni, water, sugar, and often times other juices. Many noni juice manufactures claim that noni juice has magical healing powers. This is not true. An inherent part of creating noni juice is the fermentation process. When noni is fermented, it destroys a great many of the naturally occuring compounds found in the pulp of noni. Noni pulp in fact is where over 165 healthy compounds exist in the noni. Aside from the fact that the fermentation process destroys around 50% of the healthy compounds, most noni juices are further diluted with other types of juice in order to make it taste better. If you are going to drink noni juice, you mind as well just go eat an apple.

However, that isn't to say that there aren't ways to get the full healthy benefits out the noni pulp. Noni Fruit Leather is one such food product. In order to avoid fermentation, Hawaiian Organic Noni (the company that makes Noni Fruit Leather) has created an innovative low heat dehydration process. This process will make sure that all of the healthy compounds found in the noni pulp stay put because fermentation does not occur. In addition Noni Fruit Leather is not watered down. This creates a pure product.

Want to know more about noni juice? Did you know that there are 14 times more antioxidants in Noni Fruit Leather? It's true. Learn more about ORAC values and antioxidants in noni here.