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Noni Health Terms

Morinda Citrifolia

Morinda citrifolia is the scientific name for the noni tree.  It is in the family Rubiaceae.  Rubiaceae or occasionally called the Coffee Family is a group of flowering plants.  An interesting aspect to the noni tree Morinda citrifolia, is that it flowers on the outside of the fruit. There are relatively few fruits that produce flowers.  Usually plants will grow flowers, and then from the flower comes the fruit. Mulberrys also behave this way.

Morinda Citrifolia originally was carried to Hawaii by the Polynesians.  They were one of a series of canoe plants, which were brought for the purpose of replanting and farming. There are six total varieties of noni trees that produce noni fruit.  However, only one variety is medicinal.  The Polynesians knew this, so that is the type that they decided to introduce to Hawaii.  Noni contains over 165 compounds that are healthy for the human body. 

Today, the noni fruit is grown in many places.  Hawaiian Organic Noni's farm on the island Kauai in Hawaii is one such place.  They grow the Morinda Citrifolia, and then pick the fruit.  The fruit is then turned in to Fruit Leather, a health supplement.  With their unique low heat dehydration process, the noni fruit is retains its 165 healthy compounds and antioxidants, unlike noni juice.  

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