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Noni Health Terms

natural noni

natural noni

It is not a secret. Noni does lots of things well, but travelling isn’t one of them. 

That is why it is amazing to think that 1000 years ago, noni was loaded up in boats and carried across the sea. The spread of noni throughout the entire tropics from its original home, in Southeast Asia is a testimony to the tenacity and ingenuity of the early French Polynesian people.

The noni fruit was an important aspect of the French Polynesian people’s natural medicines. The natural noni root and fruit were consumed to treat upset stomach, colds, coughs, emotional distress, diarrhea and vomiting. The leaves, flowers and fruit were also applied topically to treat external injuries. The word of the efficacy of these natural healing methods leaked out of the native traditions into today’s mainstream society.  However, the secret of transporting this delicate fruit did not.