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Noni Health Terms

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Noni Health -  There are is a lot of misinformation out their when it comes to noni juice.   To start, noni juice manufactures will often brag about the high number of antioxidants in noni juice.  What they don't tell you is that though there are lots of antioxidants in noni fruit, most of the beneficial enzymes and antioxidants are lost in the pulp during the making of the noni juice. This lowers the noni health benefits.  In addition, after fermentation (a process which by the way destroys over 50 percent of the remaining beneficial compounds in the noni), it tastes like rotten blue cheese.  To make it taste better, the noni juice manufactures will dilute the juice with other fruit juices. 

Steve Frailey, one of the world's leading noni experts has found a way to capture all the beneficial compounds in the fruit.  Using his innovative low-heat processing technique, he has managed to create a pure noni product.  This product is called Noni Fruit Leather.  To learn more about noni health, a list of articles and links has been provided below.

Articles about the Noni Health Benefits of Noni Fruit Leather:

- Hammer Aging - This article talks about the antioxidant value of Noni Fruit Leather and how it can help you fight aging

- Noni Skin Healer and Protector - This article is all about the benefits of noni on the skin

- Benefits for Diabetes Sufferers -  This article talks about how noni can help those who suffer from Diabetes