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Noni Juice Truth

There is a lot of mis-information out there when it comes to the truth about noni juice.  So what is true, and what's not? There are healthy aspects to noni juice.  For instance, it does contain antioxidants which can help reduce free radicals.  But the truth is that noni juice has less antioxidant power than simply eating an apple.  

Does that mean that noni is not a superfood?  NO.  

Noni fruit is actually one of the most powerful super foods on the planet.  When processed correctly, one can unlock the antioxidant power of noni.  At Hawaiian Organic Noni, our unique low heat process for creating noni fruit leather makes it so that all 165 healthy compounds are kept intact.

Learn more about the antioxidant power of noni and noni juice truth in the article "Hammer Aging" from Healthy Living Magazine.

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