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Noni Health Terms

noni juice

With the creation of noni juice many useful ingredients that are in the fruit are destroyed.

  • Fewer antibacterial attributes.
  • The pasteurization process kills valuable enzymes.
  • Removes some flavor elements.

Noni fruit juice requires refrigeration or the juice will go bad.

Noni Juice is not as good as Noni Fruit leather or Lotion in terms of potency. The reason being that the process that makes noni juice gets rid of many of the ingredients that make Noni so beneficial.

Noni was eaten raw as a preventative - to keep people from getting sick. It takes two days after ripening, for the fruit to naturally start to rot, decompose and ferment. Fermentation happens when the noni fruit destroys itself and most Noni Juices are made via fermentation.

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