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Noni and Its Diabetes-Fighting Abilities

By: Lola Frailey Thursday May 21, 2015 comments Tags: naturally lower blood sugar, noni lowers blood sugar, noni for blood sugar

noni and its diabetes fighting abilities

The noni tree, or morindacitrifolia is a tree native to tropical regions, including Australia, the Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asia. It is known primarily for its fruit, which resembles a small potato and is known by many names, including "cheese fruit" and "beach mulberry." Because of its very strong smell and often bitter flavor, it is used sparingly in some dishes, as are the leaves and even roots of the tree. However, the noni is quickly becoming famous for another reason – it's potential as a treatment for diabetes.

Various parts of the tree have been used to treat things like kidney disease, malaria, wounds, fevers, fractures arthritis, bladder infections boils and more. Noni can also help fight diabetes. Here's where things get interesting. Studies of diabetes around the world have discovered many interesting factors that help prevent or treat diabetes in native populations. Tropical fruits feature predominantly in these studies. The combination of natural antioxidants and low natural sugars makes Noni an ideal natural food to help with diabetic conditions. In fact, the true traditional use by Polynesians and Hawaiians for thousands of years was to simply eat the raw fruit everyday as a natural preventative – to keep themselves healthy!

It's easy to stop at this point and deride noni fruit as one of those "supplements" that is supposed to solve problems but really just exists to make money. Except in this case the scientific research is actually turning up evidence that noni fruit can make a real difference. Studies in lab rats have shown that noni extract can help keep diabetic conditions under control as long as the extract is taken continually. Other studies have confirmed the ability of the Noni to naturally lower blood sugar levels and address the inflammation of edema.

A quick search online will show dozens of sources of noni fruit in various forms. However, be careful when choosing a supplier: Remember, noni fruit is not known for its ability to make a palatable juice – many of the Noni juices you can buy online are loaded with preservatives or additives and sugars to help people drink it… not exactly the best thing for those suffering from diabetic conditions or trying to avoid diabetes.

Fresh noni fruit is, of course, the best option to receive the full benefit of the fruit's antioxidant and nutritional value. But noni fruit is a very unique fruit that has a very short shelf life, once it is ripe it begins to ferment in 6-8 hours.  If placed in a sealed container it begins to ferment immediately which destroy the potent beneficial enzymes and phytochemical compounds.

At Hawaiian Organic Noni, a certified organic family Noni farm in Hawaii, Noni Fruit Leather was developed to offer pure raw Noni pulp at its full potency. Their Noni Fruit Leather is 100% organic non-fermented Noni pulp from the whole raw Noni fruit with no additives or preservatives. They developed a unique low-heat dehydration system (below 115 F) that maintains the potency of the raw Noni fruit. This means that individuals are receiving all the enzymes and phytochemical components that reside in Noni fruit which are beneficial in helping to fight against problems that can arise in the body – such as diabetes.

The solution is Noni Fruit Leather – at the height of maturity, organic noni fruit is picked and processed into a fruit leather that captures the nutritional value of the fruit while making it suitable for shipping and lengthy storage. Noni Fruit Leather can help with diabetes-prevention and diabetes-control. Pick up a super food that actually works, and try the Noni Fruit Leather.


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