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"Our family will be users of Noni for life!"

"Recent trip to Kaui, learned about Noni at the Boticanical tour. I have had multiple knee surgeries, back surgery and experience lots of joint pain and swelling. I came back to Michigan, started with the fruit leather & Icey heat lotion & Experienced a fuller range of motion with my joints. The true test, I had a slip and fall on the ice, jammed my should hard into the cement sidewalk. 1st thing I did was put the extra icey heat sports lotion all over the effected area, and took Noni fruit leather. Only 4 days later I am almost at full range of motion and No Swelling. With out it, I am Sure I would have been in lots of pain for weeks or longer and had to be in Physical Theraphy, which is very painful and expensive as well. Our family will be users of Noni for life! Thank you Hawaiian Organic Noni!" 


" Noni lavender lotion has been the only product that takes the pain away after carpal tunnel release surgery."

"Noni lavender lotion has been the only product that takes the pain away after carpal tunnel release surgery. It seems to reduce swelling . I've tried different products to no avail. Thanks for a great and safe product." 


Success Stories
"Many thanks...."

"Hello, On October 1st, Liberty, one of my italian greyhounds, got a NASTY gash from something in our backyard. I started putting Noni Lotion on the wound (recommended by Caroline O'Sullivan, DVM in Las Vegas, NV) and put her in a cone. It was an awful, deep tissue & bloody wound with much swelling around the site. The scab fell off on October 11th after a big run in the dog park.... more Noni Lotion applied and today, October 15th it is almost healed. Many thanks...." 

Libby Welles & Liberty,  Las Vegas, NV


"I am beyond stoked to be able to finally have noni products. I read about this product a few years ago but never knew where to get it and now I do. We found Steve at the farmer's market and he was so kind and informative. I suffer from diabetes type II, fibromyalgia, blood pressure is a bit high, sore feet, and much much more but I am hopeful with the fruit leather to get my life back. I have read so many good things about this fruit. Thank you for a wonderful farm tour and all the information you gave us. I look forward to a better life and I will not stop until I do :) Mahalo" 

Tina Baydo  

"Thank you for God's Gift to this earth and making a pure product!!"

"I was told about the Fruit Leather. Of course, I bought a pack, but wanted to store for our trip home. Since we have been home, and taking 'one inch piece' each and every day. The results have been amazing. Not only for his knee, but his skin. His skin has a lot of Sun damage, (real bad BLACK sun damage Spots). Now the Sun spots are turning WHITE and disappearing. Thank you, Thank you for God's Gift to this earth and making a pure product" 

Diana Baca  

Success Stories
"Noni helped my dog"

"My dog had a small bump on his head. It didn't look like a growth, more like a swollen insect bite but It was there for a few months without ever being painful, growing or getting worse. Not knowing what it really was but being sure it couldn't be serious either, I tested the Bio Bandage. I covered the pinky nail size thing with the Bio Bandage and left it on until it start falling off by itself. After it came off a week later, the bump was a bit smaller; not gone but 20%-30% smaller. Now, another 3 weeks later, without reapplying, it is gone completely. The bio bandage started the healing process and the Noni helped my dog's body dissolve it fully. Thanks for this great product. " 

Ralf,  US

Success Stories
"Jenny talks about how Noni helped her dog"

"" MacGuinnis (my dog) is constantly plagued by itchy skin...for the life of us we cannot determine the cause. Today Cardy gave him a bath using the usual anti itch shampoo which usually works. Today it did not, so I thought I would try Noni on him. That was several hours ago. I just brushed him....the one spot where I put Noni is the ONLY spot that was not sensitive to touch. Guess what? I just rubbed Noni Lotion onto the other areas. This is the first time I have used it on MacGuinnis and I am more than impressed by the results! " 

Jenny,  Honolulu, HI

Success Stories
"Relieves Pain"

"Lavender Noni Lotion helps relieve pain in my knees at night and allows me to sleep!" 

Renee Bonner,  Georgia

Success Stories
" H-py-lori Bacteria Free!"

"I visited your island at the end of October and bought some Noni. I had ulcers and H-py-lori and the doctors treated me four times and couldn't get rid of it. I took Noni fruit leather for six weeks and retested. I am bacteria free. Thank You for such a wonderful product! Thirty years I have fought ulcers. " 

Sandra Freeman  

Success Stories
"Noni Effects on Blood Sugar Levels"

""I've been taking noni fruit leather from Hawaiian Organic Noni for two months now, and my sugar levels are gradually going down. I heard about noni from a friend of mine at the hospital I work at. She lost 20 pounds and was able to get off one of her diabetes medications. Once I heard that, I had to give noni a try! I was always very tired, and in only two-anda-half weeks after taking noni, I had more energy and started walking again to get exercise. I'm also happy to report that I lost nine pounds."" 

Phyllis Kramer,  Reading, Pennsylvania

"Instant Pain Relief!"

" We accidentally came across this Noni farm on our last trip to > Kauai. We weren't interested in the product, initially, as we were just > curious about the tour and how an organic farm works. However, after taking > the tour I bought some of the fruit leather and the icy > heat noni lotion. In just a few days my severe neck arthritis pain was gone! At > first I thought it must be a fluke or something else that I was doing. > However, I quickly noticed that if I missed a "dose" then my neck pain > would return, including numbness down my arm and into my fingers. I take > 3-4 noni fruit leathers / day and I am a new woman! The doctor's can't explain it, as they had me ready for steroids and surgery. I know this all sounds too good to be true (I can hardly believe it myself still), but the results of this have been absolutely amazing for me. Thanks Steve and Family for your dedication and for making this great product." 

Sara Levy  

"My pain management doctor can see the results just by elimination of my meds. "

"When giving the fruit leather to my 11 year old dog, his 1/4" eyelid cyst disappeared in three weeks. In regards to myself, I have been using the icy heat lotion for two months and my pain management doctor can see the results just by elimination of my meds-- I thank god for finding Noni-- For both of us. Visiting the farm itself was an educational treat while on vacation in Kauai-- a recommendation to all who visit. " 


"I cannot wait to see my Dr and have him see my inflammation is down."

"I have a lot of joint pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. After just four days of eating the fruit leather and putting the Icy Heat lotion on my legs and feet, I found that my joint pain was all but gone. I typically have difficulty standing up and walking right after sitting for an hour. I drove for two hours and got out like it was nothing! Then I sat in a meeting for almost two hours and also had no problems right after. My energy level is up and pain is down. I cannot wait to see my Dr and have him see my inflammation is down. I am so glad we found the Noni table at the Luau we went to while in Kauai!! Thank you!" 


"When it happens to you, you know it's real!"

"Hi, my name is Betty, and I'm from Kailua, Hawaii. I had a really neat experience with the Lavender Noni Lotion that I've shared with people and I decided to share it with the Noni people. About 3 years ago, I had a basil cell cancer removed from the right side of my nose, and it left a bump after it healed. Which always bothered me. So I went back to the doctor, to the surgeon, and asked him if he could level that bump off. And he said, yes he could do it, but it would be involved, it would take a long time and that it would be...have a scab for a long time. So I just forgot about it. So one day I was at home, watching TV, and the bottle of Noni Lotion happened to be sitting there on the coffee table. So I rubbed a little bit of it on the spot on my nose, and forgot about it. And because it was a habit for me to rub the nose, about 20 minutes later I went to rub it and the bump was gone. It had totally disappeared, it has never come back and that is a pretty good story. If somebody told it to me I would have been a little skeptical, but when it happens to you, you know that its real. And trust me, it was. So I'm a big advocate for Noni Lotion." 

Betty,  Kailua, HI

Success Stories
"Try it all"

"On a recent vacation to Kauai I was introduced to you products, I'm hooked now, as all your products are helping me!!! So many pretenders, this is the real deal...." 

Tim RN  

"Thank you again!"

"Hello, I first want to say I love the lavendar noni lotion it's one of only 2 things that really help my hands! My hands will cut and bleed with light and indoor and or outdoor! so the noni lotion helps heal the cuts and helps cuts not get infected! The cuts some get very deep almost needed stiches for 2 of them thankfully healed but they're super painful!! So Thankful to the Good Lord for my amazing mama finding and sharing it with me!! Thank you for creting such a wonderful and effective quality natural healing lotion and sharing it with us all!! May God Bless you and your family for your work and sharing noni with everyone!!CA Thank you again! In Christ Mimi- Smile Jesus loves You!" 

Hawaiin Organic Noni,  USA

"The changes were miraculous!"

"My name's Janice from Las Vegas, Nevada. And for one month my holistic veterinarian has been giving me Noni Fruit Leather for my three little dogs. The changes are miraculous; so much so when I looked up on your website, I realized people can take it too! So I'm putting in my first order, and I can't wait to see the difference in all of us for years to come! Thank you!" 

Janice,  Las Vegas, Nevada

Success Stories
"I was amazed because I've tried many other products that had no effect at all."

"I bought this product in Kauai at a farmers market. The salesman rubbed it on my knee and told me it would take about 10 minutes to work. I was very skeptical but walked around for about 15 minutes and found that it really did work. I was amazed because I've tried many other products that had no effect at all. I bought this product and have been using it now for about 3 months. It really does help with my knee and also on my occasionally stiff wrists. I would recommend anyone with knee pain try this product." 


"Thanks for making the most powerful Noni on the planet!!!!"

"Hi Steve: Capt Jo reporting here. And yet another Noni miracle..... I had the worst-in-my-life-episode-of gastric reflux. The pain in my chest was so intense I paced frantically unable to swallow with huge amounts of mucous coming up from my throat (anyone who has a GERD issue, knows exactly what I am talking about!!) Well , I sucked a small piece of Noni leather and within 2 minutes my esophagus opened up and the bolus of food that was stuck in my throat was released. Generally I can be suffering for over an hour before the food moves. Thanks for making the most powerful Noni on the planet!!!! Capt Jo " 

Jo ann Burton,  USA

"Helps My Psoriasis"

"I've been using noni product for about a year. I bought it first, because I stopped by the booth last year at the convention center in Anaheim. They smeared it on my back and I got rid of my back pain in about 5 minutes. So, I heard it was good for psoriasis and so I bought a case of it. And I've been using the noni lotion, in my hair, to get rid of psoriasis. Now you'll never get rid of psoriasis entirely, but it will control it. I put it on my hair at night and the next morning I don't have any more psoriasis scabs and flaking of scalp. It lasts for about two days, so I thoroughly recommend those products. I'm now going to try noni fruit leather for ingestion internally." 

Natural Product Expo West,  Anaheim, CA