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Success Stories
"Degenerative Spine Arthritis Patient"

"Without noni, most days, I would not be able to get out of bed. Plus, there are no side effects. In my book, it is a superfood. The pain is to the point where I can control it and I am good to go. I do a lot of computer stuff. I take care of my yard. I am able to do all of the things I want to do without the pain. The noni seems to allow me to get up and move around. I would recommend it to people, and I have recommended it to my friends. My wife works as a cook in the school district and is on her feet constantly. She was skeptical, but she began using the noni lotion and told me it really helped relieve pain. " 

Rob McDaniel  

Success Stories
"Try it all"

"On a recent vacation to Kauai I was introduced to you products, I'm hooked now, as all your products are helping me!!! So many pretenders, this is the real deal...." 

Tim RN  

"Healed my torn meniscus"

"I am 57 and I injured my knee badly. I went and had an MRI which showed I had a bad tear in the meniscus. The Doctors wanted to perform surgery on my knee. I found out about the Noni Fruit Leather and started taking a 2 inch square every day and applying the Noni lotion. Before Noni I was using a cane, after two months I did not need to use a cane. Since then I've been hiking and leading an active lifestyle because of the Noni. " 

Kristen,  Illinois

"Thank God for Noni!"

"Hi my name is Vicky and I live in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. I'm calling because I've been sharing all of the benefits that I've been reaping from using, on a regular basis, your noni icy lotion. There's a lady in my church and she's been having terrible back pain and, unlike me, she never had surgery; which did help for a temporary period of time. I gave her a bottle and she used it and she loves it! And she's just telling everybody she knows about it. Then my husband's aunt in Warren, Arkansas, her whole family is having all type of aches and pains; and so I shared the success that I had with it, and she told me they were probably going to be ordering a case or at least 6 bottles so that everybody would have their own individual bottle. So anyway, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful this has been helping me [with] aches and pains, arthritis. I'm 63 and I have old injuries coming back to haunt me, from when I was working as a RN before I went on disability; left ankle, right knee, lower back, mid back, upper back, neck. So, this has been helping me in so many different areas of my life and it really addresses pain; and I know it is not just the menthol and the camphor. If you use the noni consistently, this is what I have told everybody I have talked with and shared this with, then that in its self will, eventually, help to temper down the chronic pain. So, thank you very much, you have a great product and my husband and I flew to Hawaii for my son's wedding in Waikiki beach and while we were on a tour, my husband bought me some while we were out there in Hawaii. So thank God for that! Thank you so much. Bye, bye." 

Vicky Mosby,  Hot Springs, AR

"It is a Miracle!"

"I live in southern California and I got a sample of the lavender noni at the Expo West in Anaheim this past March. I've got a condition of psoriasis on my hands and feet and I have used everything to no avail, nothing worked and it was just awful, the pain and the cracking of the skin. I found my little sample, that I got at the show, and I started using it. Just last night I put it on my hands and my feet and the results are incredible. It's like a miracle! My hands this morning, are almost as smooth as normal, there's no cracking, the skin is healing already, and this is less than 24 hours; and my feet, the same thing. The swelling has gone down, and I can feel the softness coming back in the palm of my hands and the cracking is gone. I'm sold, this product is incredible. I'm going to order some for the anti-inflammatory factor for my rescue lab, second chance, and I'm just amazed at the product. Everyone should be with this product, it is totally amazing; and thank you! Thank you, real noni, for the sample at the show and for your ranch out there in Hawaii! It's a blessing. Thank you so much!" 

Anonymous,  California

"It's amazing"

"We toured your farm this past August. I wanted to let you know that we have a cavalier king charles spaniel who are known to have "goopy" discharge from their eyes...very common in this breed. Since Lucy has been on Noni, she no longer has the goopy discharge at all! It's amazing. And come to think of it...I'm going to have to listen more carefully...but I think her snoring has decreased as well. She normally sounds like a freight train... and I haven't heard it of late. I'll let you know. Funny story... my boss took Noni fruit leather to her daughter who has had some neurological issues. Brittany has two little kids, 1 and 3 years old. My boss was handing Brittany some fruit leather and the kids were begging for it. The youngest was sobbing that he wasn't getting it fast enough. Pretty hysterical for something that doesn't take very good to most people! Thanks again for making Noni fruit available to all of us." 

Karen Evans  

"His hands and knees are pain free!!"

"Hi There, My husband and I were visiting Kauai from Massachusetts. I am in the health care industry as a nurse practitioner and was very curious about this product. We bought 3 months of the noni leather. My husband began using it immediately for his arthritis. After just 2 days he has stopped his NSAIDS and osteobiflex medication. He told me his hands and knees are pain free!! I have had digestive issues as well as "going through menopause" I have now taken Noni leather for 1 month, my digestive system problems are completely gone.....I have more energy ( my sleep pattern improved) and fewer hot flashes than I have had in months. I am going to continue to use this product....This is truly something I find works for us.....PS we also just started our dog on this as well.....we will keep you posted......Thanks !!!" 

Robin DePree  

"A Five Star Product"

"What a blessing I found your products at a farmers market on Kauai, while on vacation from Alaska. Limping from knee pain, I felt almost instantly relief after the sales clerk applied your Icy Heat Sports Formula. I was able to walk normally and bought a bottle of the IcyHeat Noni Lotion and the Fruit Leather. I was able to be more active, had less pain and was able to sleep better at night. The best part was the swelling and inflammation in my arthritic knees went down dramatically. I was able to see my knee caps and ankles within the first few days of using the lotion and taking 2 inch Sq. of the Fruit Leather daily. I loved your products so much I found some more in a store and shipped a supply home. I have problems in all seven areas that Noni helps to maintain and support a healthy system. I will be a lifetime customer and will be sharing your wonderful products with others. Thank you for improving the quality of my life." 

Kathy Hoard  

"Helps My Psoriasis"

"I've been using noni product for about a year. I bought it first, because I stopped by the booth last year at the convention center in Anaheim. They smeared it on my back and I got rid of my back pain in about 5 minutes. So, I heard it was good for psoriasis and so I bought a case of it. And I've been using the noni lotion, in my hair, to get rid of psoriasis. Now you'll never get rid of psoriasis entirely, but it will control it. I put it on my hair at night and the next morning I don't have any more psoriasis scabs and flaking of scalp. It lasts for about two days, so I thoroughly recommend those products. I'm now going to try noni fruit leather for ingestion internally." 

Natural Product Expo West,  Anaheim, CA

"When it happens to you, you know it's real!"

"Hi, my name is Betty, and I'm from Kailua, Hawaii. I had a really neat experience with the Lavender Noni Lotion that I've shared with people and I decided to share it with the Noni people. About 3 years ago, I had a basil cell cancer removed from the right side of my nose, and it left a bump after it healed. Which always bothered me. So I went back to the doctor, to the surgeon, and asked him if he could level that bump off. And he said, yes he could do it, but it would be involved, it would take a long time and that it would be...have a scab for a long time. So I just forgot about it. So one day I was at home, watching TV, and the bottle of Noni Lotion happened to be sitting there on the coffee table. So I rubbed a little bit of it on the spot on my nose, and forgot about it. And because it was a habit for me to rub the nose, about 20 minutes later I went to rub it and the bump was gone. It had totally disappeared, it has never come back and that is a pretty good story. If somebody told it to me I would have been a little skeptical, but when it happens to you, you know that its real. And trust me, it was. So I'm a big advocate for Noni Lotion." 

Betty,  Kailua, HI

"Vet Recommended "

"For one month my veterinarian has been giving me Noni Fruit Leather for my three little dogs, the changes are miraculous!" 

Jeanice,  Las Vegas, NV

"Almost instantaneous"

"Hi, My name is Amy, and I'm from Connecticut, and my vet gave me some Lavender Noni Lotion for my dogs who had bed sores and it was truly, almost instantaneously, amazing in terms of helping the bed sores heal from the inside out. And we've done a lot of things, and it was heading in the right direction, but that seemed to be the thing that Really, Really, Really made a difference." 

Amy,  Connecticut

Success Stories
"No Pain"

"In February (2011), My husband and I returned to the wonderful Island of Oahu. While on a tour of the beaches, a disk in my back and my arthritic knees were causing me quite a bit of pain. Our tour bus driver, also a firm Noni user, asked if I would let Bob put some Noni lotion on my back. I did and as the tour continued I could tell Noni was helping. When we stopped for lunch, I put Noni on my knees and the next day, during a walk, it dawned on me that I had no pain. The rest is history. I continue to use Noni every morning and night, and have found that it has even taken away the swelling in my knees. Steve I cannot thank you enough for making this wonder product. Quite a few of our friends, church members and pastor are now using Noni." 

Sandy Folden,  Monmouth, Il

"Big improvement in my plantar fasciitis!"

"While vacationing on Kauai last week, I discovered your products at a vendor fair in Princeville. I bought the IcyHeat sports formula, and the Noni fruit leather. I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis for 9 months along with recovering from a broken arm, along with terrible arthritis in my hands and feet. I am seeing great improvement in the plantar fasciitis! I have started my husband on the fruit leather for his diabetes, and I am using the lavender lotion for my glaucoma as well. Today we started giving the fruit leather to our dogs. They seem to love it, and I am going to use it instead of giving them commercial dog biscuits. While visiting Kauai, I had a terrible onset of arthritis pain in my hand. So much pain that it made me sick to my stomach. I had forgotten to take the Noni leather that morning, and we were on the opposite side of the island for the evening, so in desperation, I took some Aleve to try to curb the pain, and continue our evening, but it barely took the edge off of the pain. We ended up heading back to our condo, and I immediately put the IcyHeat sports formula on my hand. Within 10 minutes, the pain was gone! I try to use it twice daily, as well as the fruit leather. Thanks for the farm tour and your great products!" 

Debra Nickle  

Success Stories
"Many thanks...."

"Hello, On October 1st, Liberty, one of my italian greyhounds, got a NASTY gash from something in our backyard. I started putting Noni Lotion on the wound (recommended by Caroline O'Sullivan, DVM in Las Vegas, NV) and put her in a cone. It was an awful, deep tissue & bloody wound with much swelling around the site. The scab fell off on October 11th after a big run in the dog park.... more Noni Lotion applied and today, October 15th it is almost healed. Many thanks...." 

Libby Welles & Liberty,  Las Vegas, NV

"She wakes up with No Pain!"

"To whom it may concern: I have an 16 year old Lab/Female and she will be 17 sometime this year? I give her the Noni, a 3" sq. pcs. in the morning and evening and found it helps her moblity and also the pain she has from her artritis in both rear legs. After about 3 or 4 days in giving it to her she wanted to run again. She wakes up with no pain and can rest easier and in the evening she sleeps alot better and without waking up breathing heavy from pain, she is alot more comfortable while she has been taking Noni. Also from taking Noni, she is more active then before and alert. I wish I knew about Noni before, I had 3 other Labs that gone thru pain from artritis and all live to be 15. I will start my other 2 on Noni also to help with any problems they might have. Thank you for making Noni as pure as you folks do, keep up the good work! " 

Alan Fong  

Success Stories
"Your Noni Is Amazing..."

"I wanted to share my success story of just how amazing your Noni is. I bought the Noni bandage and the dog lotion and used them on a really bad hot spot on our office dog, Blue. He had gotten the hot spot under his entire arm from a pack that rubbed badly and began to get infected. I put noni on for several days and it was completely healed - no need for a vet visit and he was happy and back in action in no time! We all love you (Blue too!), as Blue fully healed from the abrasion thanks to your noni!" 

Alissa Sears,  Santa Barbara, California

Success Stories
"Who woulda thunk it!"

"For about two years, I've had two noticeable white cysts under the skin on my face near my nose. After trying everything to eliminate then including contacting a dermatologist who wouldn't attempt surgical removal (after reading the only way to eliminate them was to surgically removed), as a fluke (leftover on my fingers!), I used the Noni Lotion on them. Six hours later the reduction was noticeable. One week later, they are gone!!! Who woulda thunk it!" 


"Thank you for this wonderful remedy."

"I want to let you know that I was and still am taking three meds to control my diabetes. However, prior to taking Noni on a regular basis my blood sugar levels were not where they should be. I discovered Noni Fruit leather at the farmers market in Koloa community college. Within two weeks my levels had dropped significantly. Where as before I was averaging on a daily basis around 150 and now I’m averaging 110. Thank you for this wonderful remedy." 

Dusan Cekarmis,  Phoenix AZ

"Alleviated all the pain"

"I tried both the Noni lotion, and the fruit leather and I found that I was having problems with my knees and after using this product it alleviated all the pain. I can’t say enough great things about this product and I hope you’ll give it a try." 

Brian Taylor,  Arizona