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Success Stories
"Cannot say enough good things about this product! "

"We discovered the Noni Leather and Icy Hot recently while on Kauai. Bought it on a whim to try to help my husband whose ankle had been swollen for months with no explanation and for whom numerous medications and herbals hadn't produced any results. In two days, the swelling had gone down and after about a week was completely gone! But here's my "unusual" use... I had donated blood a week ago (platelets, actually, which requires two hours of the needle) and they messed up the vein. My arm is swollen with a huge bruise (6" circle) that keeps getting darker and hurting more and more. In desperation, last night I bound a piece of the Noni Leather to my arm and this morning, the bruising is 50% of the color it was last night! Just put on some Icy Hot and the pain is gone in the last 5 minutes! Cannot say enough good things about this product!" 


"Thank God for Noni!"

"Hi my name is Vicky and I live in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. I'm calling because I've been sharing all of the benefits that I've been reaping from using, on a regular basis, your noni icy lotion. There's a lady in my church and she's been having terrible back pain and, unlike me, she never had surgery; which did help for a temporary period of time. I gave her a bottle and she used it and she loves it! And she's just telling everybody she knows about it. Then my husband's aunt in Warren, Arkansas, her whole family is having all type of aches and pains; and so I shared the success that I had with it, and she told me they were probably going to be ordering a case or at least 6 bottles so that everybody would have their own individual bottle. So anyway, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful this has been helping me [with] aches and pains, arthritis. I'm 63 and I have old injuries coming back to haunt me, from when I was working as a RN before I went on disability; left ankle, right knee, lower back, mid back, upper back, neck. So, this has been helping me in so many different areas of my life and it really addresses pain; and I know it is not just the menthol and the camphor. If you use the noni consistently, this is what I have told everybody I have talked with and shared this with, then that in its self will, eventually, help to temper down the chronic pain. So, thank you very much, you have a great product and my husband and I flew to Hawaii for my son's wedding in Waikiki beach and while we were on a tour, my husband bought me some while we were out there in Hawaii. So thank God for that! Thank you so much. Bye, bye." 

Vicky Mosby,  Hot Springs, AR

""Thank You!""

"I am writing to say, "Thank You!" I have never bought your product but I want to share this testimonial about the result of serendipitously finding and using a sample of icy-hot. I was in Las Vegas last week for a convention of entrepreneurs and investors and made the very bad error in judgement to wear a new pair of shoes to the closing exercise of the week long Executive MBA style program. Three hours of standing, pacing, and walking around with a thick corn on the forepad behind my middle toe put me in excruciating and almost immobilizing pain. Still, I had only arrived for the one day and I had to mix and mingle, entertain at dinner, attend meetings until the wee hours and put on a happy, successful, 'you should invest in my business' face. I was about to pass out from pain while standing and talking with one a corporate president when I spied a couple of your product samplers attached to flyers on a nearby display table. Being an energy healer with a long history in herbal and essential remedies, I rushed to the patio and massaged my aching feet with icy-hot. Almost instantly the pain subsided and within minutes was just a memory. The next day I drove to Utah and climbed Angels Landing (2100' vertical ascent) in Zion National Park. I held another icy-hot in reserve for the trip down and used it on my knees which have both been poorly treated in skiing accidents. It worked wonderfully. No problem at all going up or coming down! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your products and the angel that left them for me to find." 

Daniel Latch,  US

Success Stories
"I am so glad that I found it, and so is my horse."

"Hi, my name is Kimberly, and I am calling from Descanso, California. I am calling to say what a fantastic product the Noni fruit leather is. I use it for various purposes for my horse, but specifically I am calling about the Bio-Bandages. My horse had, like 15 leasions under his tail. I tried like six different products, including products that indicated, use for rain rot, which it was. He was suffering, and nothing worked, until I thought, let me give this bio bandage a try. Three days, I scrubbed it really good, and then I dried it, and then I applied a good layer of the biobandage on. And three days later, all the oozing had stopped, he just had remnants of some scabbing and by the fourth day his tail looked perfectly healthy. I cannot say enough about the bio-bandage, and all the other products that the Noni produces. I am using it on my own skin when I had some dermatitis. It is just an amazing product. And I am so glad that I found it, and so is my horse. I cannot say enough about this fantastic product. I am so glad it is available to us and our loved ones. Thank you." 

Kimberly,  Descanso, California

"My pain management doctor can see the results just by elimination of my meds. "

"When giving the fruit leather to my 11 year old dog, his 1/4" eyelid cyst disappeared in three weeks. In regards to myself, I have been using the icy heat lotion for two months and my pain management doctor can see the results just by elimination of my meds-- I thank god for finding Noni-- For both of us. Visiting the farm itself was an educational treat while on vacation in Kauai-- a recommendation to all who visit. " 


Success Stories
"Noni Bandage was Perfect"

"Hi I would like to leave a testimonial for Noni Bandage. My name is Thea, I live on Oahu, in Honolulu. I found that Noni Bandage was fabulous, because I am allergic to latex. The Bandages were always slipping off and I am always getting a nick, or a cut, or something going on and so the Noni Bandage was perfect. I could put it on my wound, whatever it was and then just leave it. And I was getting not only protection but also the benefits of the Noni. So I think Noni Bandage is the bomb. It is the best, thanks. " 

Thea,  Oahu

Success Stories
"Many thanks...."

"Hello, On October 1st, Liberty, one of my italian greyhounds, got a NASTY gash from something in our backyard. I started putting Noni Lotion on the wound (recommended by Caroline O'Sullivan, DVM in Las Vegas, NV) and put her in a cone. It was an awful, deep tissue & bloody wound with much swelling around the site. The scab fell off on October 11th after a big run in the dog park.... more Noni Lotion applied and today, October 15th it is almost healed. Many thanks...." 

Libby Welles & Liberty,  Las Vegas, NV

Success Stories
"Significantly reduced symptoms of pain"

"I have been giving the fruit leather to my seven-year-old dog, Gillead, for about three months. Gillead is a McNab (Border collie stock breed)/black lab mix who has profound hip dysplasia since the age of six months. She also suffers from wear on her knee joints. I have taken her to Dr. Molly Rice of Coastal Holistic Veterinary Services in Pacifica, CA, for acupuncture and chiropractic treatments for many years, and Molly recommended that I add the noni fruit to Gillead's diet to give her some relief from pain. " 

Jeanette Oliver,  San Francisco, CA

"Thank you so much!"

"I just wanted to write and let you know how much your Noni Leather has helped my dog. She has intense allergies and has to take steroids and other immunosupressants which has made her vulnerable to viral Papillomas in her mouth, and tumors on other parts of her body. For about 3 months, she was suffering from multiple Papillomas in her mouth and the we could not figure out how to make them go away. Finally, the vet told us to try your Noni Leather (2" square 1x a day), and within 3 days, they were starting to fall off our shrink significantly. By the 2nd week. they are completely gone! I was, and still am totally amazed! She still eats the squares once a day, along with her other medications, and she's doing great. Thank you so much for making this wonder fruit available for her and all others who have benefited from your product. " 

Pet Owner,  Hawaii

"Helped With Chronic Arthriitis"

"I was very skeptical when I visited the noni farm a few months ago in Kauai, but this stuff has been a lifesaver. I was diagnosed with chronic arthritis in my neck before our trip. When I got back I was scheduled for shots, doctor's appt's and ultimately surgery. I started taking the noni fruit leather and using this lotion on my neck and within a couple days I had 80% relief. After a week I was 100% free of pain. I've been using this for 3 months and I am still totally pain free and no more numbness/tingling in my fingers. I must say I have to take the fruit leather too...3-4 times a day (which I find to be the most effective of the products) but this icy hot is great to put on the area you have pain in. It also works if you put it on the bottom of your feet too (not sure why but they recommend it and it does seem to help!) " 

Sara L.  

Success Stories
"Relieves Pain"

"Lavender Noni Lotion helps relieve pain in my knees at night and allows me to sleep!" 

Renee Bonner,  Georgia

"Our family will be users of Noni for life!"

"Recent trip to Kaui, learned about Noni at the Boticanical tour. I have had multiple knee surgeries, back surgery and experience lots of joint pain and swelling. I came back to Michigan, started with the fruit leather & Icey heat lotion & Experienced a fuller range of motion with my joints. The true test, I had a slip and fall on the ice, jammed my should hard into the cement sidewalk. 1st thing I did was put the extra icey heat sports lotion all over the effected area, and took Noni fruit leather. Only 4 days later I am almost at full range of motion and No Swelling. With out it, I am Sure I would have been in lots of pain for weeks or longer and had to be in Physical Theraphy, which is very painful and expensive as well. Our family will be users of Noni for life! Thank you Hawaiian Organic Noni!" 


"Solving my Long Time Rash"

"I have a persistent rash on my ankle and the Noni Lotion is the only thing that has been doing something about it. It's been the best thing for this rash I've have for a very long time." 

Tammy,  American Samoa

" I am now & ALWAYS will be a lifetime Noni user...!!!!"

" I met this wonderfully crazy lady at the coconut marketplace farmer's market in Kapaa, she had been crippled for 2 years & after using Noni products she is one of the most active people I met while vacationing in Kauai! I tried a 2 x 2 piece of the Noni fruit leather & some of the Icy Heat Noni lotion on my low back, within minutes my aching back felt relief like never before! I have Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia & a few other problems so of course I bought a 4 months supply of Noni fruit leather, Icy Heat Noni lotion & the lavendar Noni lotion. I have used the lavendar lotion for just about everything including face cream at night, The Icy Heat Noni lotion is my lifesaver. I have been taking the Noni fruit leather twice a day as directed for a little over 30 days now & I am amazed how FANTASTIC I have been feeling!!! I am now & ALWAYS will be a lifetime Noni user...!!!! Thank you Hawaiian Organic Noni & that sweet crazy lady..! (I can't remember her name but she is AWESOME)" 

Judi Goulart  

"Something everyone should have in their homes"

"I have loved the regular noni lotion for years since I first found it on a vacation in Kauai and have used it for rashes, bug bites, scrapes, burns etc. It is wonderful! So when I went to Kauai a month ago I went to find some more to take home (a bottle lasts a LONG time). That was when I found out that there was now the IcyHeat lotion and the fruit leather. I got some and then the next day had a nasty fall and banged myself up pretty badly. I pretty much bathed in the IcyHeat lotion, within days you could tell the swelling, pain and bruising was diminishing. I also took the noni leather twice a day. I bruise easily and any bruise usually lasts not less than 2-3 weeks so it was amazing to see the noni work its magic. LOVE it!! Next time I come to Kauai I am going to come to your farm---after the fall I didn't do much sightseeing." 

Dawn Gutnik  

"Cured the Fungus on my toenails!"

"I have used I don't know how many products in regards to the fungus on my toenails, none of them worked. I used the Noni Lavender Lotion, and within a month and half time it completely got rid of my toe nail fungus!" 

Michael,  New Jersey

Success Stories
" H-py-lori Bacteria Free!"

"I visited your island at the end of October and bought some Noni. I had ulcers and H-py-lori and the doctors treated me four times and couldn't get rid of it. I took Noni fruit leather for six weeks and retested. I am bacteria free. Thank You for such a wonderful product! Thirty years I have fought ulcers. " 

Sandra Freeman  

Success Stories
"Wonderful Natural Products"

"All of them! I keep the lavender noni lotion in my desk at work for relief of low back pain and tension in the neck (from sitting in front of computer a lot ): The IcyHeat feels so great for the muscle aches when I overdo exercising or carrying groceries -- it gives immediate ease and I can get to sleep better. I take the fruit leather daily as an immune system booster, and the BioBandage is excellent protection against infection here in the tropics. I would have a hard time picking a favorite, and I'm so glad I don't have to! Thanks again for making these wonderful natural products." 

Tammy Zielinski,  Hawaii

Success Stories
"Degenerative Spine Arthritis Patient"

"Without noni, most days, I would not be able to get out of bed. Plus, there are no side effects. In my book, it is a superfood. The pain is to the point where I can control it and I am good to go. I do a lot of computer stuff. I take care of my yard. I am able to do all of the things I want to do without the pain. The noni seems to allow me to get up and move around. I would recommend it to people, and I have recommended it to my friends. My wife works as a cook in the school district and is on her feet constantly. She was skeptical, but she began using the noni lotion and told me it really helped relieve pain. " 

Rob McDaniel  

Success Stories
"This Noni Fruit is truly a miracle cure!!"

"A friend shared your lotion product with me for my shoulder pain and it worked immediately and lasted longer than any other product that I tried. My husband was skeptically however after just a couple of uses he was an fan. I went on your website and learned about the Noni Fruit Leather so I purposed it. My husband & I take it daily. We felt great, no aches or pains. My husband missed two days of the Noni Fruit Supplement and guess what? His pains came back. We are both huge fans of all of the Noni products and will never stop using any of them. This Noni Fruit is truly a miracle cure for joint pain, aches, swelling, inflammation and everything else. You name the ailment, I immediately turn to Noni products and it has always cured whatever it I that is bothering either of us. We are so happy that we discovered Noni."