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Success Stories
"Who woulda thunk it!"

"For about two years, I've had two noticeable white cysts under the skin on my face near my nose. After trying everything to eliminate then including contacting a dermatologist who wouldn't attempt surgical removal (after reading the only way to eliminate them was to surgically removed), as a fluke (leftover on my fingers!), I used the Noni Lotion on them. Six hours later the reduction was noticeable. One week later, they are gone!!! Who woulda thunk it!" 


" I am now & ALWAYS will be a lifetime Noni user...!!!!"

" I met this wonderfully crazy lady at the coconut marketplace farmer's market in Kapaa, she had been crippled for 2 years & after using Noni products she is one of the most active people I met while vacationing in Kauai! I tried a 2 x 2 piece of the Noni fruit leather & some of the Icy Heat Noni lotion on my low back, within minutes my aching back felt relief like never before! I have Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia & a few other problems so of course I bought a 4 months supply of Noni fruit leather, Icy Heat Noni lotion & the lavendar Noni lotion. I have used the lavendar lotion for just about everything including face cream at night, The Icy Heat Noni lotion is my lifesaver. I have been taking the Noni fruit leather twice a day as directed for a little over 30 days now & I am amazed how FANTASTIC I have been feeling!!! I am now & ALWAYS will be a lifetime Noni user...!!!! Thank you Hawaiian Organic Noni & that sweet crazy lady..! (I can't remember her name but she is AWESOME)" 

Judi Goulart  

"He is now bouncing off the walls with energy and no joint pain!"

"My husband has been taking the Noni fruit leather for about 2 months now. He is now bouncing off the walls with energy and no joint pain. It use to take him about 5 to 10 steps to get going. Now he just jumps up like a 20 year old. We love it. Thank you so much for new found youth. We will never stop taking it." 

Becky Bason  

" Noni lavender lotion has been the only product that takes the pain away after carpal tunnel release surgery."

"Noni lavender lotion has been the only product that takes the pain away after carpal tunnel release surgery. It seems to reduce swelling . I've tried different products to no avail. Thanks for a great and safe product." 


Success Stories
"Relieves Pain"

"Lavender Noni Lotion helps relieve pain in my knees at night and allows me to sleep!" 

Renee Bonner,  Georgia

"My pain management doctor can see the results just by elimination of my meds. "

"When giving the fruit leather to my 11 year old dog, his 1/4" eyelid cyst disappeared in three weeks. In regards to myself, I have been using the icy heat lotion for two months and my pain management doctor can see the results just by elimination of my meds-- I thank god for finding Noni-- For both of us. Visiting the farm itself was an educational treat while on vacation in Kauai-- a recommendation to all who visit. " 


"Thank you for God's Gift to this earth and making a pure product!!"

"I was told about the Fruit Leather. Of course, I bought a pack, but wanted to store for our trip home. Since we have been home, and taking 'one inch piece' each and every day. The results have been amazing. Not only for his knee, but his skin. His skin has a lot of Sun damage, (real bad BLACK sun damage Spots). Now the Sun spots are turning WHITE and disappearing. Thank you, Thank you for God's Gift to this earth and making a pure product" 

Diana Baca  

"Big improvement in my plantar fasciitis!"

"While vacationing on Kauai last week, I discovered your products at a vendor fair in Princeville. I bought the IcyHeat sports formula, and the Noni fruit leather. I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis for 9 months along with recovering from a broken arm, along with terrible arthritis in my hands and feet. I am seeing great improvement in the plantar fasciitis! I have started my husband on the fruit leather for his diabetes, and I am using the lavender lotion for my glaucoma as well. Today we started giving the fruit leather to our dogs. They seem to love it, and I am going to use it instead of giving them commercial dog biscuits. While visiting Kauai, I had a terrible onset of arthritis pain in my hand. So much pain that it made me sick to my stomach. I had forgotten to take the Noni leather that morning, and we were on the opposite side of the island for the evening, so in desperation, I took some Aleve to try to curb the pain, and continue our evening, but it barely took the edge off of the pain. We ended up heading back to our condo, and I immediately put the IcyHeat sports formula on my hand. Within 10 minutes, the pain was gone! I try to use it twice daily, as well as the fruit leather. Thanks for the farm tour and your great products!" 

Debra Nickle  

"Thanks for making the most powerful Noni on the planet!!!!"

"Hi Steve: Capt Jo reporting here. And yet another Noni miracle..... I had the worst-in-my-life-episode-of gastric reflux. The pain in my chest was so intense I paced frantically unable to swallow with huge amounts of mucous coming up from my throat (anyone who has a GERD issue, knows exactly what I am talking about!!) Well , I sucked a small piece of Noni leather and within 2 minutes my esophagus opened up and the bolus of food that was stuck in my throat was released. Generally I can be suffering for over an hour before the food moves. Thanks for making the most powerful Noni on the planet!!!! Capt Jo " 

Jo ann Burton,  USA


"On our recent trip to Hawaii we learned about Noni products while in Kapa'a from Taylor and purchased the fruit leather, icy heat lotion and the lavender lotion. We started using all 3 while on vacation. While in Lihu'e at a luau we met Christine and purchased more of the fruit leather. We have been using it for 2 weeks now and both my husband and I are very enthusiastic about the results we are seeing and feeling. I have RA, vasculitis, psoriasis and high blood pressure. I am using all 3 products and seeing and feeling results from all. We were unable to set up a personal tour of the farm on this trip but would definitely like to try next time we are on Kauai. Thank you for these amazing products!" 

Barbara and David Kutz  

"Remedy for canker sores"

"My husband and I went on your tour, two years was a special day- his 67th birthday. After listening to all the wonderful reasons to have Noni in our lives, we bought a tree, planted it here on our little farm.....and now we have Noni fruit weekly to use and heal with. Last week I was suffering with a canker sore. I placed the sieved pulp directly inside my lip and within a few hours felt relief. The next day, same application. The third day it was gone.....such amazing healing properties. If I had not had fresh Noni, I would have used some hydrated leather. Thankful for that day when we toured your farm, it has revolutionized our health. Mahalo!" 

Jana Viles  

"I cannot wait to see my Dr and have him see my inflammation is down."

"I have a lot of joint pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. After just four days of eating the fruit leather and putting the Icy Heat lotion on my legs and feet, I found that my joint pain was all but gone. I typically have difficulty standing up and walking right after sitting for an hour. I drove for two hours and got out like it was nothing! Then I sat in a meeting for almost two hours and also had no problems right after. My energy level is up and pain is down. I cannot wait to see my Dr and have him see my inflammation is down. I am so glad we found the Noni table at the Luau we went to while in Kauai!! Thank you!" 


Success Stories
"It has healed it!"

"Yes, this is Caroline Flinchem, in Greensboro, North Carolina. I've tried the Noni Icy Hot Noni lotion. I had a tear in my... knee, and I put the Noni lotion on it. And it has healed it. And I wanted to thank Steve Frailey, for telling us about the Noni Lotion. " 

Carolin Flinchem,  Greensboro, North Carolina

Success Stories
"I love this stuff!"

" My spouse and I chew a little noni leather everyday We haven't caught any of the colds and flus going around yet this year. We also tried the lotion on sore joints and muscles with excellent results. I love this stuff!" 


Success Stories
"Jenny talks about how Noni helped her dog"

"" MacGuinnis (my dog) is constantly plagued by itchy skin...for the life of us we cannot determine the cause. Today Cardy gave him a bath using the usual anti itch shampoo which usually works. Today it did not, so I thought I would try Noni on him. That was several hours ago. I just brushed him....the one spot where I put Noni is the ONLY spot that was not sensitive to touch. Guess what? I just rubbed Noni Lotion onto the other areas. This is the first time I have used it on MacGuinnis and I am more than impressed by the results! " 

Jenny,  Honolulu, HI

"His hands and knees are pain free!!"

"Hi There, My husband and I were visiting Kauai from Massachusetts. I am in the health care industry as a nurse practitioner and was very curious about this product. We bought 3 months of the noni leather. My husband began using it immediately for his arthritis. After just 2 days he has stopped his NSAIDS and osteobiflex medication. He told me his hands and knees are pain free!! I have had digestive issues as well as "going through menopause" I have now taken Noni leather for 1 month, my digestive system problems are completely gone.....I have more energy ( my sleep pattern improved) and fewer hot flashes than I have had in months. I am going to continue to use this product....This is truly something I find works for us.....PS we also just started our dog on this as well.....we will keep you posted......Thanks !!!" 

Robin DePree  

"Thank you again!"

"Hello, I first want to say I love the lavendar noni lotion it's one of only 2 things that really help my hands! My hands will cut and bleed with light and indoor and or outdoor! so the noni lotion helps heal the cuts and helps cuts not get infected! The cuts some get very deep almost needed stiches for 2 of them thankfully healed but they're super painful!! So Thankful to the Good Lord for my amazing mama finding and sharing it with me!! Thank you for creting such a wonderful and effective quality natural healing lotion and sharing it with us all!! May God Bless you and your family for your work and sharing noni with everyone!!CA Thank you again! In Christ Mimi- Smile Jesus loves You!" 

Hawaiin Organic Noni,  USA

Success Stories
"My skin looks 20 years younger!"

"Hi, I live in Hawaii and I first found out about your noni lavender lotion at that Made in Hawaii festival in Honolulu. I've been using it for about, oh, maybe 8 years now, and I'm 78, and my skin looks like I'm about 58. It's smooth and clear, and all those liver and age spots are all gone. My skin use to tear easily and bleed, but now it's real soft and pliable, I really like it. And using that fruit leather and that Icyheat lotion, I was able to get rid of my arthritis in my elbow. So, I'm really grateful for your products. Thanks a lot and mahalo. I'm Lopaka Goodlow from Honolulu." 

Lopaka Goodlow,  Hawaii

Success Stories
"Noni helped my dog"

"My dog had a small bump on his head. It didn't look like a growth, more like a swollen insect bite but It was there for a few months without ever being painful, growing or getting worse. Not knowing what it really was but being sure it couldn't be serious either, I tested the Bio Bandage. I covered the pinky nail size thing with the Bio Bandage and left it on until it start falling off by itself. After it came off a week later, the bump was a bit smaller; not gone but 20%-30% smaller. Now, another 3 weeks later, without reapplying, it is gone completely. The bio bandage started the healing process and the Noni helped my dog's body dissolve it fully. Thanks for this great product. " 

Ralf,  US

"Relieves Pain & Strengthens Knee"

"I am 57 and I injured my knee very badly. I went and had an MRI which showed I had a bad tear in the meniscus. The doctors wanted to perform surgery on my knee, I found out about the Noni Fruit Leather and started taking a 2 inch square every day. Before Noni I was using a cane, after two months I did not need to use a cane. Since then I've been hiking and leading an active life style." 

Kristen,  Illinois